Rajeev Gujral


Rajeev leads the Unidos team and is responsible for the strategic direction and more importantly our clients. He is a unique and original thinker who brings bags of experience and structure to every assignment. Rajeev inspires the team, and ensures we all have loads of fun all along. When he takes time off, he loves to travel.

Meenu Chawla


Dependable, reliable and punctual. Meenu probably knows what you want before you know you want it. We can safely say she’s everything you want in an admin, and more!

Mohan Khanal

Client Service

Mohan works at Undios but lives on the web. A specialist and a learner alike, he is the innovation expert amidst all of us. Take a problem to him and surely return with winning solutions.

Kiran Chauhan


Kiran has an AAIP certification in 2D and 3D animation from Arena Multimedia. Kiran knows how to create eye catching motion graphic and web content that truly engages with audiences. 

Vijay K Srivastav

The number cruncher at Unidos, Vijay is our financial guru. Other than being a quiet soul, he has the ability to focus on our suppliers' accounts and clients alike. 


Soham Gujral


From taking care of all our IT tasks to consulting on complex challenges, Soham has been an asset to Unidos since its inception. Soham's passion for computer science & printing, brings a new vision to Unidos, and his never-ending energy always livens up the workplace.

Gaurav Tomar

Gaurav keeps our state-of-the-art machines running day and night. He brings a good knowledge of graphic software, colour, resolution and print substrates to convert your creatives to life.


Anil Yadav

With hands-on experience with multiple machine platforms, Anil converts the creative digital files made by our design team into outstanding prints and products. Often of very short timelines!


Sujit Kr. Dey


​Sujit is an old hand at Unidos. A true multi tasker, he has considerable knowledge of onsite graphics and execution intricasies. When not in office, Sujit often is seen at client sites with his supprort team. He is constantly needed by everyone around him!

Sukesh Mandal


Sukesh manages our day to day dropship and e-commerce shipments. This new bud of Unidos has made a lasting impact with his great enthusiasm and motivation!

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