Floor Standing Retail Display Units (FSUs)

Are you looking for durable, attractive & creative, foldable, flat-shippable FSUs?

We create a huge range of FSUs & other retail products across a variety of substrates.

Product Details

Our Floor Standing Display Units (FSDU) can be printed digitally or using offset technology depending on the quantity. We use high-quality printing and cutting equipment to ensure sturdy FSUs.


Use these FSUs at retail stores or other locations to draw attention to your product. Our FSUs can be designed to take on heavy or light load, depending on your product's weight.


Features: Foldable, Lightweight, Water Resistant, can be made to lift high weight products

Printing: Digital or UV Flatbed

Cutting & Grooving: Digital CNC 

Quantity: No minimum quantity

Size: No size restrictions

Shipping: We undertake worldwide shipping

How To Order

To place an order for any of our products, please send us an email at Sales@unidos.in or give us a call at +91 11 40570088

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