ACXSS™ - Any Car Safety Shield

Protect car passengers & drivers with a fully brandable printed PVC-free car cabin safety shield. These shields are transparent, easy to clean, odour-free, rugged, and recyclable. 

Product Details

Any Car Safety Shield (ACXSS™) is a protective car cabin partitioner that divides the front and rear cabin of a car, thereby blocking the direct airborne transmission of pathogens.

These shields can be used both for cab/taxis and privately owned cars. The sheet is of high transparency and does not hamper rearview visibility.

The shield is manufactured at our unit at New Delhi, using high-quality graphic printing, cutting, and finishing technologies.

These shields can be economically shipped directly to the end-users and can be installed within minutes.

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Made of 800 microns poly carbonate clear sheet with EPE Foam top. Secured to the car seat with hook & loop tape.

Features: Prevents transmission of airborne pathogens, High transparency,  Does not hamper driver rear view visibility, Lightweight, Water-resistant, Easy to clean, or wipe.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 units

Dimensions: 43" width X 16" height

Turnaround Time: 5-7 business days

Shipping: We undertake worldwide shipping

Our standard size fits most cars. The shield is strapped around the detachable front seat headrests. Once installed in the car, there is enough space on all sides of the shield for air to circulate. 

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